Expelled after 46 years

Labour Hub

Jay Kramer shares her response to Labour’s Legal & Governance Department’s allegation against her

On 8th November 2021, I received by email from the Legal & Governance Department of the Labour Party a “Notice of Allegation”. My ‘crime’ was to have liked and shared on my Facebook page a fringe meeting called ‘Defend the Left’ taking place during Labour Party conference in Brighton at the end of September. It was alleged that I had broken Rule 2, Clause 1.5 by “committing a prohibited act”. Underneath the letter were screenshots of my postings marked Exhibit 1-4. I was given fourteen days to respond, and I reproduce extracts from my submission below:

“I am a former Deputy Leader of Hastings Borough Council and East Sussex County Councillor. I have had unbroken membership of the Labour Party for the past 46 years. I have held officer positions in my branch and am a…

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