Corbyn and Islington North: let’s not go there

Labour Hub

David Osland offers a personal interpretation of recent media reports

If Jeremy Bernard Corbyn were on the ballot paper in Islington North at the next general election, he would almost certainly retain the seat. The only question is under what designation he would do so.

The temptation to flash a massive metaphorical V sign at Starmerism is understandable. But those positively willing him to an independent candidacy or even the foundation of a new leftwing party need to be careful what they wish for.

That this situation could even have arisen would have been inconceivable even two years ago.

After all, Corbyn has been a Labour Party member for something like half a century and a Labour MP for just one year shy of 40. He was of course a former Labour leader.

But a dispute over his statement in response to criticism contained in the Equality and Human Rights…

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