Crippen sums up another year under Tory misrule.

Crippen Cartoons

Well, there we have it boys and girls. Another year in which the government has continued to erode our rights and smuggle yet more discriminatory legislation under the radar. You wonder how they do it, what with all of the partying allegedly going on!

The Lord of MisRule

In the old days, the Yule celebrations involved appointing someone as the Lord of misrule. They were put in charge of Yule revelries and instigated much drinking and wild partying. I’m beginning to think that Boris was appointed Lord of Misrule at some time, but just didn’t stop after the festivities ended.

How about this next year we all shout “enough!” and take to the streets again to protest. Oh, but wait. He’s currently pushing through legislation that will make it illegal to protest (who didn’t see that one coming?!).

Do try and have yourself a lovely festive holiday, regardless of all…

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