Brexit myths and realities

Labour Hub

By Paul Atkin

Tom Wood’s recent article on Labour Hub Conceptualising Brexit argues that withdrawal from the EU makes socialism more possible in the UK, which raises a number of questions.

Why did a section of the ruling class want Brexit and what are they trying to do with it?

The ruling class in the UK was split over Brexit. Significant sections, especially in manufacturing, wanted to stay in. The largest donation to either campaign was to Remain from Sainsburys. The next four largest donations all went to Leave and all were from Hedge Funds.

The faction that wanted out was motivated by a desire to align the UK with the labour and environmental standards of the USA, as these are significantly lower than those operating in the EU – no paid maternity leave as a right; lower holiday entitlement; ‘cutting red tape’ and letting business ‘off the leash’ of…

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