The distraction of the ‘woke’: A continuation of class warfare.

Left in New Zealand

Think back to around 2007-2008. What major worldwide disaster springs to mind? Correct, the Global Financial Crisis. It was a time when many people through first hand experience, became acutely aware that capitalism or more accurately named neoliberalism was failing for most of us. What followed was a slew of protests groups, such as Occupy Wall Street, whose message was for the 99% to fight back against the 1%. Suddenly, society as a whole appeared not to be duped by the fable of trickle down economics anymore. At around the same time a plethora of books and documentaries emerged imploring us to reject unbridled capitalism.

In 2007, Naomi Klein wrote the ‘Shock Doctrine’, describing the inhuman lengths the ruling elite would go to implement and maintain a system of neoliberalism throughout much of the world. This significant book partly followed on from where David Harvey’s ‘A Brief History…

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