Johnson is a clown – but a necessary one for the Tories

Colonel Despard’s Radical Comment

The Tory party is unlikely to resolve their current leadership crisis by ditching Boris Johnson. He is the leader they need to hold together their electoral coalition, whose buffoonery is an attention-grabbing distraction from the government’s failures over Covid precautions and its systematic attacks on protests and asylum-seekers. He clowns in order to survive, but also for the government to survive.

TheInstitute for Governmentthink-tank pointed out that the 2019 Tory manifesto contained pledges not to raise taxes or borrow to fund day-to-day expenditure, “while simultaneously committing to spend to address ‘substantial’ and ‘very expensive policy’ problems.” These contradictory promises were “highly unlikely” to be delivered at the same time, said their report, and the contradictions are what lies behind the resignation of Johnson’s ally, chief Brexit negotiator Lord Frost, from the cabinet – not any point of principle.

Patrick Cockburncommented that the gap between the promises and…

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