Revitalise democracy to build a stronger and more peaceful country

Political Decisions

Nancy Platts (right), a Brighton councillor, says: “There is increasing momentum for change both in unions and the Labour Party. It’s time to replace Westminster’s broken set-up and extend the progressive voting systems we see in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland into Westminster”. Read on here)

In the Guardian, Colin Hines says that to avoid what he sees as ‘a corrosive and permanent Tory democratic dictatorship’,  opposition parties in vulnerable constituencies must make clear that once there is a non-Tory majority elected, the new parliament’s first act will be to change the voting system to an agreed form of proportional representation.

A new report on the benefits of the case for fair votes makes clear that the experience of councils in Scotland as well as governments across Europe shows that proportional voting systems – where every vote counts – help to foster ‘consensual’ politics, where unions and civil society are included…

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