No more “Tory-enabler” speeches, centrists. Starmer is the only Tory-enabler in town

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by Martin Odoni

Tuesday’s vote in Parliament on the new Covid-19 restrictions would in a sane world surely put an end to the tiresome, arrogant, bullying refrain from the Labour Right and their liberal allies, “If you don’t support Starmer, you’re enabling the Tories.” The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, has not only enabled the Tories by backing their policy of ‘Covid passes.’ He and the Parliamentary Labour Party have defeated a massive backbench rebellion on Boris Johnson’s behalf, a rebellion of nearly a hundred Conservative MPs. Insodoing, Starmer may very well have kept Johnson in 10 Downing Street.

It is clear from recent shifts in the atmosphere that the Conservative Party’s patience with Johnson’s authoritarianism and general bumbling incompetence, and Cabinet Ministers are moving to replace him. Priti Patel, the thoroughly evil Home Secretary, looks poised to stake a claim for power, and a massive defeat for Johnson in…

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