Morning Star Says Labour’s Poll Boost, “Almost Meaningless”.

Tendance Coatesy


Labour Boost “Almost Meaningless”: Morning Star Hearkens Back to a ‘People’s Brexit’.

At the accession of Boris Johnson, the patricians, men and women, were at the height of their good fortune. Society and the voters recognised their superiority, which they themselves pretty calmly took for granted. They owned not only titles and estates, but donors to his cause had seats in the House of Peers, and a preponderant say in the House of Commons. There were a multitude of Government places and contrats, and not merely these, but “paid advocacy” flourished, which, until found out, members of his Party in the Palace of Westminster took not much shame in receiving. It was the good time for the Conservatives. Small blame to them if they took and enjoyed, and over-enjoyed, the prizes of politics, the pleasures of social life.

Others, sprung from the same class, took a critical view of Britain’s…

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