Health Assessments for Benefits -Part 2 Paul Gray


Apologies to my followers /readers for delay in getting Part 2 done but life sometimes takes over.

On Wednesday 1st December the committee meeting was asking for oral questions to Paul Gray CB whose background speaks for itself.

“My background career was in the civil service. Some many years now I did work in the
DWP and was responsible for significant areas of disability benefit. Prior
to that I worked in the Treasury, where I took an interest in these
matters from maybe a slightly different perspective.
During the period that I was chairing the Social Security Advisory
Committee, I was invited by the Department to undertake the two
independent reviews of PIP, which had been legislated for in the Welfare
Reform Act 2012. I undertook the first of those in 2014, and the second
in 2016-17. I imagine the Committee has access to the reports and
recommendations that I…

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