Crippen eavesdrops on a DWP training session

Crippen Cartoons

It’s good to see that the DWP are continuing along in their fantasy world, oblivious to the real world that exists outside of their ivory towers.

One of my regular DWP whistle blowers has told me of an exercise that they participated in recently based upon so called feedback from disabled claimants.

Statements like “The DWP have been shown to really care about disabled claimants” and “We are continuing to build trust between front line staff and disabled claimants” are just a couple of the claims made by the DWP. Oh, and my favourite one: “The majority of people are satisfied with the disability assessment process.” You just couldn’t make this up could you?!

So the real problem as I see it, is that they don’t see that there’s a problem. Or they do, and this is just a way of brainwashing their staff into believing that they are…

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