Our Police State

Grouse Beater

Alex Salmond trial blogger Craig Murray freed from prison
Former ambassador and human rights activist, Craig Murray, released from Saughton Prison

The ludicrously over-the-top jail sentence handed down to human rights activist Craig Murray, for a minor infringement of a presposterous court rule called ‘jigsaw indentification’, together with the hurried embracing of a ban on assembly around our Parliament building, is yet more warning that the Scottish National Party (SNP), has lost touch with the people who elected it, and are delighted to keep us at a distance, the further away the better. Better still, sticking newspapers through letterboxes for a hobby will keep the compliant busy.

One need only count the dead bodies of mangled supporters the SNP has thrown under a bloody bus to see how intolerant the party’s elite has become. It is an alarming development in a list of wild, eccentric, vindictive actions the First Minister has seen happen, and indeed initiated, under her crass…

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