Full Briefing on DWP benefit sanctions statistics November 2021 release

Frank Zola

“Dear Colleague

Following my email alert of 17 November, I now attach my full Briefing on the DWP benefit sanctions statistics released on 16 November. Key points are:

[ Full briefing .docx file ]

  • There was a big rise in Universal Credit (UC) sanctions in June and July 2021. Up to the end of May there had only been 5,490 UC sanctions, for any reason, since the moratorium officially ended on 1 July 2020. But there were 8,687 in June alone and 15,929 in July. The latter figure equates to an annual rate of 191,000. This is not very far short of the 231,717 issued in 2019, the last complete calendar year before the pandemic, though still well below the levels reached under the Coalition. The DWP’s figures on UC claimants under sanction at a point in time indicate that the rise continued in August, and that it has…

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