Nickerson’s ‘apology’ does not cut it

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by Martin Odoni

After the bomb attack attempted on Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Remembrance Sunday, one particularly sick Tory Councillor from Yorkshire, Paul Nickerson, thought it wise to make a big joke out of it. He tweeted a photoshopped image (now deleted) of Jeremy Corbyn laying a wreath at the side of the burning vehicle outside the hospital.

The obsession so many career politicians have with trying to destroy Jeremy Corbyn’s reputation is really very disturbing, and suggests he has frightened them to the cores of their being.

Nickerson has now published a formal apology of sorts, but its content, especially its lack of contrition directed to those he has offended, impresses few. His apology included several very doubtful disclaimers.

I would like to apologise for a political tweet sent from my account yesterday which has been upsetting for some people and I unreservedly apologise to all concerned.

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