Nadine Dorries


Not all Tory MPs are Etonians.  Some Tory MPs emerge differently.  Often described erroneously as “working-class Tories” their differences to poshboys are minor.  They might have had to do a proper job for a while and their accumulated though unearned wealth might be bereft of much inheritance, but all else is the same.

However, those small early differences linger as useful tools both for the party – to depict itself as a broader political church than it is – and for any non-Etonian MP who can call up her or his background as spurious justification for certain philosophies and policies. 

Tory government uses the existence of such interlopers to add faux sincerity to fake proposals to bolster con-tricks and lies.  For example, in late 2021 the Tories’ “levelling up” and “social mobility” programmes, both of which are equine excrement, include regular supportive comments from…

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