MPs’ second jobs are their real jobs


Complaints about MPs’ “second” jobs focus on

  1. Time taken out of the job of being an MP
  2. Political influence applied on behalf of the “second” employer

Both points are fair observations.  Being an MP is more than a full-time job; it is supposed to be a vocation.  The second point describes normal behaviour of MPs: The recent guilty verdict of Owen Paterson’s corruption was a drop in a fetid ocean, both for him and for parliament.

However, a point missed is that MPs (particularly Tory and DUP but not excluding others) become MPs, or are planted in parliament, in order to work for others.  Their entire remit is to channel public money into hands of wealth gatherers.  Their “second” jobs are their real jobs; their jobs as MPs exist to enable success of their real jobs.

The process that creates plants in parliament…

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