British/Irish historical facts that will make you go, “Uuuhhhh?”

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by Martin Odoni

01) King Edward IV of England was the father of King Edward II of England.

02) Mary Queen of Scots was French.

03) The winning General at the Battle of Waterloo was Irish.

04) Henry I won the Battle of Bosworth Field.

05) The Wars of the Roses ended in 1499.

06) The Hundred Years’ War was not a war and it did not last 100 years.

07) The Battle of Bannockburn was won by an English King, and lost by a Welsh King.

08) The first Norman King of England was Edward The Confessor.

09) King Henry VIII had four wives.

10) Mary I was the third woman to rule England.

11) Elizabeth I is alive today.

12) West Wales is in England.

13) England became an independent country in 1259.

14) The Duke of Devonshire owns a county that does not exist.

15) The Patron…

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