Media 119: Belmarsh Tribunal charges U.S. with crimes against humanity – UK state media silent

Political Decisions

Srecko Horvata (centre) addresses the Belmarsh Tribunal on Julian Assange

On Friday, the Tribunal held its first face-to-face session at the London Convocation Hall. Testimony was given about the consequences of wars in several countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and about the imprisonment of Julian Assange, who revealed such information.

The New York Times reports that the US Justice Department spent years examining whether Mr. Assange was working directly with the Russian government, but legal experts point out that what is known about his activities in 2016 — including publishing stolen emails — is not criminal, and therefore it would be difficult to bring charges against him related to the Russian interference campaign.

Court documents have confirmed that Russian intelligence provided Mr. Assange with thousands of emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee and the personal account of John D. Podesta, the chairman of the Clinton campaign. Read more

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