Jeremy Corbyn to host four days of talks, workshops and performances in Glasgow during COP26

Labour Hub

Jeremy Corbyn and his Peace and Justice Project will host four days of talks, workshops and performances at Websters Theatre in Glasgow on the 8th, 10th and 11th of November and at Southside Community Centre in Edinburgh on Tuesday 9th of November.

Dubbed ‘An Alternative COP26’, the series of events will bring together campaign groups, unions and performers in Scotland and the UK to raise up the voices of workers, communities and the Global South.

Highlights from the four days of events will include:

  • A ‘Climate Justice Cabaret’, that will see Corbyn join a lineup of musicians, comedians and spokenword artists including Mark Thomas, Rab Noakes, Becci Wallace, Philip Differ, Victoria McNulty and Rosa Moxham, hosted by Jim Monaghan;
  • A conversation between Corbyn and Susan Morrison at the Southside Community Centre in Edinburgh, with guest performers Calum Baird and Ghazi Hussein;
  • A panel event on ‘Towards Net Zero’

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