Reasons why the Met’s advice on being stopped by doubtful officers is stupid

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by Martin Odoni

One of the biggest horror stories in the UK this year has undoubtedly been the rape and murder of Sarah Everard by an officer in the Metropolitan Police. The officer, Wayne Couzens, was rightly sentenced to “life-means-life” permanent custody last week.

R.I.P. Sarah Everard

The Met’s response to the dreadful affair has been to offer some extraordinary advice that would be seen as comical were the context not so devastating. They said anyone concerned for their safety when stopped by a police officer should shout out to a passer-by, run into a house, knock on a door, dial 999 or wave down a bus.

I am beyond numb at the stupidity of this advice, which fails on more levels than I thought was possible to exist for police advice. Below are the reasons that I have so far been able to think of why I find this…

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