Keir Starmer: The Bystander’s ten principles


In yet another launch of his philosophy current Labour leader Keir Starmer published an essay today (September 22nd 2021) including a statement of his “ten principles for a contribution society that will form the basis of a new contract between Labour and the British people, rooted in our party and our country’s values.”

N.B. His ten principles announced today were not an update of or a refinement of his ten pledges he declared in December 2019 as part of his campaign to be elected as Labour’s leader. The set of principles and the set of pledges are distinct from each other. The pledges were designed to acquire votes to become leader of Labour. The photo below depicts the state of the ten pledges.


Each “principle” below is quoted exactly as Starmer wrote it.

Principle 1: “We will always put hard-working families and their priorities…

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