Complaint to the BBC on Newsnight’s “Hard Left” Slur

The Free Press?

Not the first time Newsnight have misrepresented Jeremy Corbyn

We write to complain about non-impartial use of language during the Newsnight programme broadcast on the 21st of September 2021.

On three occasions the presenter of the show, Emily Maitlis, used the term “hard left” to refer to a sector of the Labour Party, inferring then making explicit that Jeremy Corbyn belongs to said “hard left”.

During the opening of the show (00:56 on iPlayer) Maitlis asked whether Keir Starmer’s proposed changes to the voting process for Labour leadership elections were “designed to lock out any future candidates from the hard left”. As she spoke, split-videos showed Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn reacting to their election as Labour leader.

Maitlis reused the term at 25:53 – “a tacit intention, perhaps, to lock out the hard left”

Finally, at 31:47 she explicitly drew a link between Jeremy Corbyn and the…

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