The Labour Civil War Should Not Take Place.

Tendance Coatesy


Some on both sides seem rearing up for a fight.

Before anybody says anything else…

There are solid grounds to criticise proposals to replace One Member One Vote in Labour leadership elections with a system of plural voting for special people, MPs, and Union leaderships, (few seem to have come up with a system that gives all trade unionists an effective say but then rabbits do jump out of hats).

The weight to be given to MPs does however have an intellectual precedent, pre-dating the 1918 Constitution of the Labour Party. it came from the centre-ground, where we are told elections are won or lost…

John Stuart Mill was an advocate of democratic elections but “In any future Reform Bill which lowers greatly the pecuniary conditions of the suffrage, it might be a wise provision to allow all graduates of universities, all persons who have passed creditably through the higher…

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