Keir Starmer’s Ten Commandments Critiqued …

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Each of us in society, giving according to both our abilities and means and receiving according to our needs.

“During the train journeys on his summer tour through Blackpool, Swindon and Glasgow, Sir Keir Starmer began jotting down notes about what he heard from voters and his own thoughts about politics.

With help from aides, he turned these into a 13,000-word essay that seeks to set the foundations of his leadership, before his first in-person speech to a Labour conference next week.

The thesis, published by the Fabian Society, specifies ten broad principles that Starmer says would drive his government, ranging from putting “hard-working families and their priorities first” to “restoring honesty, decency and transparency in public life”.”

Keir Starmer’s ten commandments get short shrift from Labour

“Our country is now at a crossroads. Down one path is the same old insecurity and lack of opportunity. But down the Labour…

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