Crippen tries to discover who’s behind the ‘We the 15’ campaign

Crippen Cartoons

Working more closely with the lovely team of people at Disability Arts Online has enabled me to keep my finger more on the pulse of what’s happening within the unique world of disabled people.

For example, I received a press release the other day from a group calling itself We the 15. The 15 apparently relates to the percentage of disabled people there are in the world, although where this figure comes from is not clear. And apart from reference to using the colour purple and stating their aims as being “the biggest ever human rights movement to end discrimination against persons with disabilities and transform the lives of the 1.2 billion people in the world with a disability” (gasps for breath!), there is very little information about who they actually are.

I’m writing this a few days before the launch of their campaign on 19th August 2021…

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