Crippen blinked and missed a government sleight of hand!

Crippen Cartoons

Wow … I blinked and before you could say High Court action (see my previous blog) I hear that the government have decided to launch a shortened version of their long awaited National Disability Strategy!

Unsurprisingly, groups and organisations of disabled people (DPOs) have reacted angrily to this “tokenistic” and “rehashed” move by the government, complaining that once again they’ve not been included in any part of the consultation process.

Of course, the government claim that they have consulted, although when you look at the list of organisations who have “so generously shared their time and insights” we’re not surprised to see the usual suspects, Leonard Cheshire, Scope and Mencap etc., leading the field! For the uninitiated, most of them believe that disabled people are not capable of managing their own affairs, never mind playing a role in the running of their organisations.

And no matter how many times…

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