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Boris Johnson's 'Sausage War' With the EU Was Deadly Serious
Boris Johnson and his magical sausages trick

For the average ‘Brit’ I’d wager a guess the mere mention of Northern Ireland is enough forthem to switch off their brain. Since Lloyd George and his plotters partitioned Ireland, the North has been a self-inflicted sore in the flesh of the British body politic. Swing the discussion onto the Northern Ireland Protocol, better known as a border in the Irish Sea, and you might get a curt comment about Boris the buffoon.

When Boris Johnson offered a wholly artificial way to get Brexit signed and sealed he knew it was a blundering confusion, a pudding of a solution, his attitude being, we can clean up an Eton mess later. Unfortunately, that is not how international agreements work. Within months of signing it, and lots of photographs of Boris holding aloft a link of sausages, he returns to the issue to make…

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