Are You A True Comrade?

Turning the Tide

The left talk about comradeship and solidarity as if that is what the left is built on. But as soon as we disagree, people often get nasty, aggressive or patronising. I’m seeing this again over The Unite General Secretary election.

The left is not a homogenous group and we will inevitably back different candidates. There is an understandable body of opinion that only one candidate from the broader left should run to reduce the risk of a Coyne win. The people of this view are growing increasingly frustrated with Howard Beckett supporters who want their man in the race. Beckett supporters, myself included, are energised with hope and optimism. We still believe in political upsets and know nothing would upset the establishment more than a Beckett victory.

Maybe we should be more pragmatic. Be sensible. Stuff our hope and optimism back down and support someone else. After all, they are…

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