Not Justice for the 96, but some retribution for the cover-up

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

Last week’s shattering news that three individuals at the heart of the Hillsborough Disaster cover-up had had their charges dismissed as “no case to answer,” due to what amounts to a legal quibble, has been softened somewhat. Lawyers have announced that an agreement was reached in April between the ignoble South Yorkshire Police and West Midlands Police and six hundred and one complainants, represented by solictors Saunders Law, to pay damages. The damages could not be made public until now due to the criminal prosecution still being in progress. The amounts paid out have not yet been disclosed.

The damages claim was submitted on grounds of misfeasance in a public office. Saunders Law assert, correctly, that the blame-shifting attempts of the South Yorkshire Police, with clear assistance by the West Midlands force that should have been investigating them, caused “additional psychiatric injury” to survivors of the…

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