Despite “The Cease Fire”, Israel Intensifies Its Aggression Against Palestinians

By Massoud Nayeri

Global Research, May 25, 2021

The massive and continuous demonstrations in solidarity with Palestinians around the world including in Israel certainly was a major factor for the imperialist powers and the Arab States to convince the U.S./Israel governments that after 11 days the time for a ceasefire had arrived.

Yet despite this political defeat for the Zionist State of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s own future depends on inciting the fascist settlers and Israeli police to provoke new unrest in intensifying tensions against Palestinians. This reality makes the ceasefire fragile.

On May 19 (a day before the ceasefire) Netanyahu invited more than 70 foreign ambassadors and diplomatic representatives to a meeting in an attempt to justify brutal bombing of Gaza by a completely fabricated and illusory narrative.

Toward the end of his deceitful and unconvincing presentation, he warned that “If the perception is that they [Palestinians] gained a…

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