People of conscience: Palestinians ask you to boycott Israel, by Omar Barghouti

Rise Up Times

Inspired by the South African anti-apartheid struggle, the nonviolent BDS movement needs your support, writes BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti.

Palestinians protest over Israel-Gaza cross-border fighting
A Palestinian sits on a road rail during an anti-Israel protest over cross-border violence between Palestinian militants in Gaza and the Israeli military, near Hawara checkpoint near Nablus in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, May 18, 2021. REUTERS/Raneen Sawafta‘Palestinians are resisting every day the erasure of our land, identity, and hope.’Photograph: Raneen Sawafta/Reuters

Toni Morrison wrote in her novel Beloved, “Definitions belong to the definers, not the defined.” Palestinians have learned the hard way that unless we clearly define ourselves, our oppression, and our aspirations, the hegemonic oppressor will do it, erasing our history and subjugating our future.

Sometimes our definitions emerge when unexpected. Three days ago, following a nearbyIsraeli airstriketargeting a residential neighborhood in Gaza city that shook their building, my friend’s young daughter ran terrified to her mother’s arms shivering. She asked, “I want to be courageous, mama, but I don’t know how when death is so near?” Her question itself, during a televisedmassacre

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