FT: Israeli violence – aided by ‘the meek responses of the US and European capitals to the creeping colonisation of the West Bank’. . .

Political Decisions

and by arms traders

Palestinian medics evacuate a wounded person from al-Aqsa mosque. About 600 Palestinians, including worshippers inside the mosque, have been injured in Jerusalem’s clashes since Friday

The FT’s editorial boardrecorded that Israeli settlers and their extremist allies have been stoking tensions throughout the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, with a campaign of incitement inside occupied Arab East Jerusalem ahead of new evictions of Palestinian families. They have also been stirring trouble at religious sites such as al-Aqsa mosque.

David Gardner had reported that Israeli air strikes toppled two high-rise buildings in Gaza City said to be used by Hamas, prompting retaliatory launches of hundreds of rockets at big Israeli cities. Tel Aviv was targeted at least four times and explosions were heard across central Israel, as the country’s Iron Dome defence shieldfired volleys of interceptor missiles – recorded on a remarkable video.

Reporting later from Tel Aviv,

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