Heathrow’s IT errors were inconvenient, HMRC’s stressful, the PO’s led to imprisonment, illness, premature death & suicide

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The Post Office management covered up flawed IT systems & software glitches. This, the most flagrant example, ‘Britain’s most widespread miscarriage of justice’ was first reported by the BBC today; 39 former sub-postmasters were cleared of theftfollowing the overturning of six other convictions in December.

After the Post Office installed the flawed Horizon computer system in branches 21 years ago, unexplained discrepancies and losses began to be reported by sub-postmasters. There were more than 700 prosecutions for theft, based on Horizon evidence.

A senior lawyer wrote today that the problem was not so much the Horizon software but a sequence of horrible, deliberate decisions made by human beings – about whether to bring prosecutions, to contest civil cases, and to avoid the disclosure of relevant documents.

One of those concerned, Post Office Chief Executive Nick Read, called on the government to compensate victims of the Horizon scandal and…

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