Post Office’s failures “so egregious as to make the prosecution of any of the Horizon cases an affront to the conscience of the court” say appeal judges today. But why no government inquiry?


By Tony Collins

The Court of Appeal has today quashed the convictions of 39 business people who ran or worked in branch post offices and became victims of miscarriages of justice on an unprecedented scale. Three appeal judges spoke of the “human cost and consequences” of the prosecutions.

The sub-postmasters and sub-mistresses were wrongly blamed for shortfalls shown on the Post Office’s defective Horizon system supplied by Fujitsu. Journalist Nick Wallis has reported the appeal hearings minute-by-minute on Twitter.

The three appeal judges said,

“Post Office Limited as prosecutor brought serious criminal charges against the sub-postmasters on the basis of Horizon data, and by failing to discharge its duties it prevented them from having a fair trial on the issue of whether that data was reliable…

“We refer to the human costs and consequences of the prosecutions in those cases.

“All of the sub-postmasters were persons of previous good character…

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