Bad decisions by government 50: lobbying by industry has delayed the work of the Clean Steel Fund by four years

Political Concern

Initially a good move by government, the FT reported that BEIS announced the launch of a Clean Steel Fund before the 2019 general election – logo left.

This fund was designed to help companies to switch to low-carbon steel production, enabling the UK to achieve net-zero carbon economy status by 2050.

Kwasi Kwarteng, the business secretary, reformed and co-chaired the UK Steel Council on March 5, allowing government, industry and trade unions jointly to develop a long-term plan for the sector.

At the end of March this year Kwarteng (below) said the steel industry “has a future” if it could shift towards low-carbon output: “Only two weeks ago my department published an industrial decarbonisation strategy; we want to see clean steel electric arc that has produced steel of the kind that Liberty makes”.

But, not for the first time, industry experts played for time

The FT reported that some industry…

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