Why the Police Oppress the Working-Class

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

The history of the police is the history of class oppression. Thus, the police have always played an essential role in disciplining ordinary people for the ruling-class, particularly those who fight for a different and fairer society… a socialist alternative. Writing in 1845 Frederick Engels described how the police back-up the state’s overbearing legal powers like this:

“True, the law is sacred to the bourgeois, for it is his own composition, enacted with his consent, and for his benefit and protection. He knows that, even if an individual law should injure him, the whole fabric protects his interests; and more than all, the sanctity of the law, the sacredness of order as established by the active will of one part of society, and the passive acceptance of the other, is the strongest support of his social position. Because the English bourgeois finds himself reproduced in his law, as he…

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