A message to all policy makers, from people who know poverty

Voices from the Margins

by Tracey Herrington, of Thrive Teesside and the Poverty2Solutions group

Contributing to the road map out of the pandemic – Do Your Duty for Equality. Making the case for addressing rising levels of inequality in partnership with people with lived experiences of poverty

We have just marked a year of lockdown, but that milestone also marks another year that has gone by with the opportunity missed for politicians and policymakers to actually learn from and work with those with the expertise that only comes from lived experiences.

As someone who lives in an area too often dismissed as ‘left behind’, working and living alongside people experiencing poverty and the social security system first-hand, I witness and learn from this expertise every day.

The pandemic has been challenging for us all, but it has also shown us how policymaking too often ignores the expertise of experience; and fails to bring it…

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