A very moving account on the loss of your father to this cruel disease, dementia.

My wife and I had similar experiences with the slow detierination of her father, struggling to hold onto his memories and recollections of a very fulfilling life, but then the sudden arrival of death once he had lost the will to fight.
My sincere condolences for the loss of your dad.

Making rights make sense

‘It’s time to go now. Haul away your anchor, ‘tis our sailing time’ – Farewell Shanty

Before COVID-19 invited itself into our lives, I wrote about a road trip navigated by my dad, destination unknown to me in the driving seat because his dementia meant he struggled to describe it, but which it turned out had been absolutely clear to him: a vast custard slice at Barton Grange garden centre in Lancashire. I’d gone up for the weekend to spend time with my dad while my mum visited my sister in Scotland for the weekend. We ate lots of things my mum wouldn’t let him eat. We went to watch his beloved Sale Sharks. We went to see his best friend from school who was in hospital. These were the things that anchored my dad to his personhood and identity. I made the connection to a passage from a…

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