Crippen says: All the world’s a stage … except if you’re disabled!

Crippen Cartoons

How to spend some £2.6 million on a stage that doesn’t even give a passing nod to current access guidance … but then again, why would a disabled person need to use it?

The build and design of Boris Johnson’s new media stage says more about him and his eugenically blinkered cronies than anything else. Why indeed would they even bother to make the platform accessible when as everyone knows, only the physically pure are capable of running this country.

Apart from having steps, with no provision for wheelchair access, there’s no handrail, no clear delineation of where the front of the stage is for visually impaired people, no provision for a BSL interpreter … the list goes on.

In a bit of quick thinking, a senior aid has said that the provision of a portable ramp is in hand … not sure when or what type though, or anything…

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