Crippen hears about the fight to drag the WCA back into the light of day

Crippen Cartoons

Crippen hears how disability studies researcher, Mo Stewart, is continuing her campaign towards bringing the ongoing atrocity of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) out of the dark corner that it’s been assigned to by this current government.

Mo’s focus is getting the disturbing findings of the Preventable Harm Project (the Project), and the question of the DWP having an ‘institutional reluctance’ to support disabled benefits claimants, back onto the political agenda … and, along with this, holding Iain Duncan Smith, the instigator of the brutal changes accountable for his actions.

Mo has now taken her fight for justice to the next level by contacting the influential Centre for Social Justice right-leaning think tank, which was set up by Iain Duncan Smith who Chairs the executive board. In an email to the Director for Work and Welfare, Mo advised:

“There seems to be an identified ideological confusion linked to…

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