GB News: Staff hires


Andrew Neil’s GB News is hiring staff including presenters, editors, producers and others.  Let’s take a look at how the political balance of GB News is progressing.

Name: Liam Hannigan
Role: Economics and Business Editor
Curriculum Vitae: Groomed by extremist libertarian and enemy of democracy Andrei Illarionov in Moscow in the 1990s Hannigan promotes, with relentless mendacity, economic policies that seek maximum concentration of wealth in the hands of a few via world-wide exploitation and removal of government, and thus democracy, from management of that exploitation.  Hannigan’s skill is translation of nefarious aims into usable language for politicians and for broadcasters and newspapers.  Wilful unbounded misrepresentation of the effects of Brexit, a tool to turn the UK into a theme park for market gamblers, tax dodgers and charter cities, was (since before the referendum) and continues to be one of Hannigan’s favoured occupations.  Broadcasters yes-platform him frequently…

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