Tony Greenstein Wins Leading Role in Labour in Exile Network (LIEN).

Tendance Coatesy

Labour In Exile Network (@LabourInExile) | TwitterLinks to Exile.

Labour in Exile Network held a Virtual Founding Conference last Saturday.

They have finally got round to posting about it.

While claiming that “over two hundred people actively participated” at the event, votes cast on motions were just over 100.

The new LIEN steering group, as elected at conference

  1. Paul Collins
  2. Terry Deans
  3. Esther Giles
  4. Tony Greenstein
  5. Stan Keable
  6. Chris Knight
  7. Faraz Khan
  8. Wanda Lozinska
  9. Becky Massey
  10. Norman Thomas
  11. Neil Todd
  12. Christine Tongue
  13. Tina Werkmann

As expected the committee is made up of members of Labour Left Alliance, Labour Grassroots, present and former supporters of Labour Party Marxists (Weekly Worker, Communist Party of Great Britain, Provisional Central Committee) and wishers of Good Luck to Chris Williamson,

The Tony Greenstein Party made a strong showing.

Here is Greenstein’s  South Coast neighbour and comrade:

Labour official accused of anti-Semitic tweets


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