Home Secretary backs police with new powers to help locate human remains.

Tragic story, so much pain for tge Bennett family to go through, and for such a long time without any closure, Hyndly and Brady were evil personified, I hope they’re both burning in hell for evermore.
Also sorry to hear your daughter has been unwell, I hope she’s on the mend now that she’s been released.
Best wishes to you both.

The poor side of life

For years now Alan Bennet has been trying to access documents left by Brady to his solicitor that could give light to wear Keith is buried.

Hindleys and Bradys crimes were and are unforgivable. Despite Hindleys attempts to take any blame away from herself and to clean up her reputation failed and quite rightly so. She was equally as guilty as Brady, some argue even more so.

Bradys solicitor has for years constantly refused to hand over the briefcase despite may requests from Alan Bennett and his family. This has been extremely upsetting for Alan and his family.

It’s a sad fact that many disappearances, murders and suicides cannnot have closure because of a legislative gap which has made police officers unable to access vital information.

This has left the family of Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett unable to have closure. Home Secretary Priti Patel is now backing the police…

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