Crippen asks – Bias or what?!

Crippen Cartoons

The Right-wing influences are at it again with two new appointments to high ranking roles within the broadcasting industry and the launch of a new TV channel that has raised more than a few eyebrows.

One of the things that clouds the judgement of the general public when ever they read or hear anything to do with disability is the usual right-wing bias that accompanies the report. This can simply be the old stereotypes such as portraying us as needy and reliant upon the many charities that claim to represent us, or it could be something more sinister, like a hidden agenda (Ed: here he goes again!) orchestrated, let’s say by the spin doctors at Tory HQ.

Whether you believe that this bias exists or not, you have got to admit that the appointment of two top Tory supporters to powerful roles within our broadcasting industry smells of something that’s…

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