What is wrong with the English? [disclaimer – author is English]

Couldn’t agree with you more.
The majority of the UK electorate are like docile sheep following one another in keeping these bastard Tories in power for decades.
Sheeple = Sheep like people, politically ignorant to the harms of a Tory Govn. Sub-serviant to anyone with a posh accent especially if privately educated at Eton, Cambridge/Oxford etc. Willing to betray their own working or middle class backgrounds and believe Tory lies and promises even despite hard incontrovertible evidence of Tory Fraud, Incompetence and Cronyism.

Van Rants

We claim to be patriots, then, we watch every possible measure of a country’s success go into decline under the leadership of one party, then we give that party an 80-seat majority when there was a clear alternative available?!

When asked about specific policies (without being told which party proposed them), the majority of English voters back the Labour policy over the tory one by a majority of around 80%. This has applied for a long time, since way before Brexit was an issue.

So, we support certain policies, yet vote for a party which proposes different policies. Again and again.

The bigotry of the modern English psyche is easy to see in the hatred displayed towards migrants fleeing wars which we voted for. It is a simple statement of observation that many English people consider getting one over on ‘the woke’ and ‘the foreign’ to be more important than…

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