Crippen asks what use is our Minister for Disabled People?!

Crippen Cartoons

Don’t get me wrong, I think the post could be extremely useful, especially if the person appointed actually worked with disabled people and our groups and organisations.

It’s just that we’ve had a series of ministers in this role who seem hell-bent on doing the complete opposite; seemingly working against us and doing everything they can to undermine any progress we’ve made over the past few decades.

Take our present incumbent (please!), Justin Tomlinson. A man with a history of leaking parliamentary reports, voting down such bills as the one protecting the benefits of disabled children and those undergoing cancer treatment, and appearing to suggest that families facing a cap under the Universal Credit scheme could take in a lodger. In fact, just the sort of person we want fighting our corner (not!).

You’ll have read in previous blogs that he’s also quite happily misled fellow MP’s regarding the apparent…

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