Crippen and the National Disability Strategy Survey – Part 2

Crippen Cartoons

Following on from my last Blog about the National Disability Strategy Survey (NDS), several disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) have complained directly to Justin Tomlinson, the Minister for Disabled People.

The complaint is not only about the lack of prior consultation and notification about the launch of the Survey, but also about the ridiculously short timescale for Disabled people to respond.

Although the survey will be open until 23 April 2021, only responses received before 13 February 2021 will inform the development of the National Strategy, while those received after this date will only be used to inform its delivery.

ALLFIE, Inclusion London, andReclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA), have joined together to complain and Joe Whittaker, ALLFIE Trustee, explains:

“There is a clear failure of the Disability Unit to demonstrate meaningful engagement with DPOs and take seriously the essential contributions we can offer.”

The Disability Unit in…

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