How many more DWP deaths will there be?

Every death is heartbreaking.

The problem is though that not enough people or disability organisation’s are making enough noise about this.

The Tory run DWP has been killing thousands upon thousands of us for 11 years now, deliberately on occasions, negligently on some and by indifference on the rest.
An estimated 200,000 between 2010 til 2020 thru austerity cuts and the Tory Hostile Environment policies they introduced. Just how many more poor,sick and disabled will be added to that toll by then end of this parliament in 4 years time?
It doesn’t bear thinking about.

If we also include the deaths by Covid 19 and take the same end of parliament date of 2014, I can see a death figure totalling nigh on 200K.

Will nearly half a million dead shame the electorate into not voting Tory, or will this be the Tories 5th General Election win based on lies, broken promises, deceitful practices, voter fraud and suppression of the poor and working classes as in 2019.

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