Dead cat announcement of pointless defence spending


In a rare moment of recognition of the need for equitable distribution of wealth Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson matched the billions of pounds given to Tories’ business friends as part of the Covid-19 contracts scandal by promising similar for Tory friends in the arms industry – an “extra£16,500,000,000 characterised as “defence spending.”

There will be cash for a Trident replacement and for “RAF Space Command.“ Both are useless as deterrents- the first doesn’t deter non-nuclear (that is, all) military assaults and the second is fantasy.

Johnson said shipbuilding would create new jobs. Everyone building warships could use the same skills to do something beneficial. The jobs-benefit argument in favour of war machinery is always invalid.

There will be some uses for a centre for artificial intelligence and a cyber force because disruptive attacks on British society and infrastructure are much more likely…

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