Happy new year…. Or is it?

I truly wish you and your daughter all the very best for 2021.
The best of health, wealth, love, good fortune, happiness, security, contentment, peace, serenity etc etc.
If any family deserves these things it’s you and yours.
I pray your luck changes after midnight tonight and lasts you forever lol, all the very best for the New Year and the future, you’ve more than earned it for the previous year’s “Thursday’s” alone. Xx

The poor side of life

Dear readers I write this blog on New Year’s Eve, a time when we are supposed to be celebrating and welcoming the new year with open arms whilst saying its going to be a good one and suchlike. This year its going to be completely different. The new strain of Covid 19 has ensured that many more people have caught it, and many are also dying.

I really wanted to write this blog today with cheer, hope and the optimism that things will be better, but I’m a realist and I can’t do that.

Myself like many of you reading this have lost friends because they caught Covid. Many more have lost much loved family members, people that they’d normally celebrate the new year with, and losses such as these are highlighted at this time of year.

Yesterday the government put most of the country in tier four, because we…

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